Review of the different types of Miele vaccuums

Living in a cluttered or dirty house makes it harder to deal with stress or find serenity. Keeping your living space clean is one of the most important things you can do.

You probably don’t give your vacuum cleaner a second thought when you’re not using it, but at Park Ridge Vacuum, vacuums are what we do for a living. We specialize in Miele vacuums, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality cleaners. Thanks to a versatile design, there’s a model to suit every type of cleaning need.

About Miele

Miele is a German design firm with over a century of experience in producing quality appliances. They put out their first vacuum cleaner in 1927. Since then their innovations continue to revolutionize the world of home cleaning.

Their motto, immer besser, means “always better” in German. Miele lives up to this creed with every vacuum cleaner they produce. Their products are the recipients of multiple awards and they are the right choice for your home or small business.
Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Which type of Miele vacuum is the right one for you?

As you decide which type of vacuum to get, consider your unique needs. Do you have lots of furniture? How many stairs are in your house? Is the area small or large?

There are three main types of Miele vacuum. Each model has unique strengths that make it stand apart from the others.

Miele upright vacuums

An upright vacuum is the most common type used in American households. Its body is a single unit that has a broad cleaning head at the bottom. The biggest benefit of upright vacuums is their easy portability. They’re also simple to store, taking up relatively little space in your cleaning closet.

Powerful brush motors in the head agitate particles deep in the carpet to give you a truer clean. As they stand about waist high there is very little strain caused by operating an upright.
Miele Cannister Vacuum

Miele canister vacuums

You’ve probably seen a canister vacuum before, but they’re not as common in the US as they are in Europe. Instead of a single unit, they feature a two-piece design. The base is a short canister with a motor inside that creates the vacuum effect.

A long, flexible hose connects it to the wand, a long tube with a cleaning head on the end. Canisters are not as easy to move around as an upright, as you have to carry each piece in one hand.

Once you have it set up in place, though, the hose is long enough for you to reach virtually anywhere in the room. Since the tube is much lighter than an upright, it takes less effort to clean most of the time. An angled design and low-profile cleaning head allow you to reach farther under furniture than you can with an upright. This type of cleaner is also very useful for vacuuming on carpeted steps.
Robotic Miele Vacuum

Miele Robots

A cleaning robot is a compact, automated unit that takes care of the vacuuming for you. You can program them to operate under select criteria, including when to run and where to clean. They automatically turn when they hit an obstacle, which allows the robots to cover an entire room.

You can leave for work with a dirty house and come back to a clean floor. These types are best to use on one floor at a time. While fall sensors keep them from tipping over downstairs, they can’t navigate up or down steps on their own.

Robots automatically return to their charging station and can cover about 1600 square feet on a single charge.

Features to look for

Once you know the basic type of Miele vacuum you need, you’re ready to discover the specific model that suits your needs. One big feature to consider is bags or bagless. Vacuums with bags feature disposable packets that catch all of the particles inside them.

It’s easier to dispose of sucked-up dust by simply tossing it in the kitchen trash. If you opt for a bagless model you never have to worry about buying replacement bags, but it’s best to empty these vacuums outside, since particles can float up into the air when you pour them out.

What type of filter do you plan on using? There are three different base versions that Miele uses. The finest of these, a HEPA filter, can catch even the most persistent of airborne allergens. If you, a family member or guest suffer from irritation caused by exposure to particles, then a HEPA filter is probably the right choice for you.

Accessory capability is another important issue. Some vacuums have ports for running a hose to which you can attach all sorts of peripherals. Miele’s proprietary system for this kind of functionality is called VarioClip, and it holds accessories securely and is easy to attach. Nozzle wands are suitable for cleaning corners in the walls where your cleaning head does not reach. Dusting brushes and upholstery cleaner attachments are gentler on fabrics and furniture, and allow you to use your vacuum on more than just the floor.

Your one source for Miele

Park Ridge Vacuum is the place to get your hands on a Miele vacuum. We have knowledgeable sales team members who really listen to your comments and requests, and work with you to find what works best in your home. Once you’ve got your vacuum, if there are ever any mechanical issues, we keep a dedicated staff on hand to perform repairs or maintenance that you require.

While we don’t stock other brands, we can fix what’s wrong with most models, just in case you’re not ready to upgrade to a performance brand right now. Give us a call or just use the contact form on this site to let us know any questions that you have. We make sure to give you the information you need to make the right choice.