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Sanitaire Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaners are made by the commercial branch of Electrolux. With a legacy of excellence that goes back to 1912, these commercial grade upright vacuums are ideal for industrial use. Whether you want the most reliable upright vacuum for business use, commercial use, or just the home, Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaners deliver and we have the latest new and used models right here. Just some of the features of our Sanitaire upright cleaners include:

  • Sound dampening technology for a quiet commercial clean you’ll have to see to believe.
  • Filtration that removes up to 96.7% for all allergens from the air.
  • True Balance brushrolls for even cleaning that picks up dirt job after job.
  • Bag and Bagless upright vacuum cleaner options so you can choose the design that’s right for you.
  • Commercial grade motors and bearings for enhanced reliability you can trust.
  • Extended cords so you can unplug less and go where you need to.
  • LEED and CRI certified options with a nearly 100% filtration rate.

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As your local Sanitaire upright experts we provide complete service for your Sanitaire vacuums. This includes ongoing maintenance, repairs, and parts in addition to sales. For all your Sanitaire upright vacuum cleaner needs contact us today.

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Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Heavier vacuums can make work difficult, especially for extended sessions. Uprights may not always provide the right tools to reach ceilings or recessed areas. With Sanitaire canister vacuum cleaners you don’t have to sacrifice features or power for ease of use. Our line of Sanitaire canister vacuums provide commercial grade performance in a package that anyone can use. Commercial grade construction makes this vacuum more than capable of handling deep cleaning in the dirtiest buildings.

Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Features Include:

  • Lightweight construction for ease of use without the effort heavier options require.
  • Allergant or HEPA filtration perfect for creating a clean, allergen free environment.
  • Extended cords for continued use and reduced time spent outlet searching.
  • Quiet operation models that make cleaning a possibility even during busy business hours.
  • Attachments and multi-use canisters for carpet, bare, and above floor cleaning.

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When you want the right solution for commercial quality cleaning, we’ve got the Sanitaire canister vacuum cleaner you want. As local Sanitaire canister experts we also provide total vacuum cleaner services. This includes sale of replacement parts as well as vacuum maintenance and repairs. For all your canister vacuuming needs contact us today.

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Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

When you need commercial cleaning solutions, not any vacuum will do. You want something that’s designed with heavy duty applications in mind. That means a higher standard for quality in every facet, from improved design to power, capacity, and filtration. Sanitaire has been providing world class cleaning since 1912. Seeing is believing, and when you’re looking for local Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaners, we’ve got affordably priced new and used options in stock.

Our Commercial Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners Include:

  • Upright commercial options – The Sanitaire line of commercial uprights provide all the power you’re looking for. Many models come with enhanced filtration systems, and cord lengths up to 50′. These commercial vacuum cleaners are built using the strongest parts. Particular attention is paid to the construction of the motor, and designs are geared around extended use in serious conditions.
  • Canister commercial options – The Sanitaire line of commercial uprights provide additional flexibility that uprights may not have. These are perfect for jobs where maneuverability is key and cleaning involves hard to reach places. These lightweight options also make extended use a breeze.

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When you want commercial grade vacuums designed by one of the best manufacturers in the industry, we’ve got what you’re looking for. With excellent pricing and robust options, we don’t just provide sales. As your local Sanitaire expert we can diagnose, repair, and replace parts in your Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaners. For full, dependable, and experienced service contact us today.