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Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Sanitaire is one of the most trusted commercial grade vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world. With the kind of full-time use commercial vacuums endure, even the most reliable models sometimes require new parts. Sudden failure, age related wear, and unintended usage can all lead to the need for parts. As your local provider for all things Sanitaire, we’re proud to be one of the areas largest suppliers of Sanitaire vacuum cleaner parts. We have parts for new and older models. We even can even perform diagnostic procedures to determine which parts on your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner need replacing.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Parts Include:

  • Vacuum Hoses
  • Vacuum Nozzles
  • Vacuum Motors
  • Vacuum Attachments
  • Vacuum Belts

  • Bags
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Filters
  • Switches
  • Brushrolls

  • Filter Cleaners
  • Light Bulbs
  • Battery Packs
  • Extensions
  • Dusters


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When you need help acquiring the right parts, our knowledgeable staff is ready to lend a hand. Our stock of parts is continually updated and we can order any Sanitaire part you may need. Before you retire your vacuum, bring it in for a diagnosis. With over 36 years of experience diagnosing and repairing Sanitaire vacuums, we can give yours a new life. For all your Sanitiare vacuum cleaner parts contact us today.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Belts

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Belts are a crucial step in maintaining your commercial vacuum cleaner. Because these vacuums often work harder—and longer than home vacuums—belts can wear out faster. Ensuring you’ve got replacement Sanitaire vacuum cleaner belts when you need them is a necessity. That’s why we carry Sanitaire vacuum belts for all belted models. New belts can revitalize your vacuum after your existing belt has stretched an no longer functions properly.

Stretched belts slip, and slipping belts can negatively affect performance. Your brush roll may not rotate as quickly or even at all. Suction will still pick up surface dirt, but won’t deep clean like it should. You can often tell when a belt is going out. Worn belts usually make audible noise like a whoosh or squeaking sound. They may also smell as the belt gets off track, compressed, and friction starts to cause it to heat up.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Belts we Carry Include:

  • Round Belts
  • Commercial Upright Belts
  • Waist Belts
  • RD Belts
  • Heavy Duty Round Belts

  • Geared Belts
  • Poly V Belts
  • EXT-U Belts
  • AR Flat Belts
  • Stick Vac Belts

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With a complete line of the Sanitaire vacuum cleaner belts you need, we’ll help keep your vacuum moving. We even offer belt replacement services when you need your vacuum working right now. If you’ve replaced your belt and are still having trouble, bring it in for a diagnosis from one of our trained technicians. For all your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner belt needs contact us today.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Commercial grade vacuums require bags that can match. We carry Sanitaire vacuum cleaner bags for a wide range of models. Many of these bags provide filtration in addition to locking away dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants. Don’t take the time to clean with inferior products when local Sanitaire bags are right around the corner. We recommend a Sanitaire vacuum bag change when the bag has reached capacity, or suction has been diminished. This will help prevent bag overfill and allow your vacuum to operate at peak efficiency.

Our Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Bags Include:

  • Compact Canister Vacuum Bags
  • Upright Commercial Vacuum Bags
  • Backpack Vacuum Bags
  • Cloth Dust Shake Out Vacuum Bags
  • SL Style Bags

  • Disposable Bags
  • MM Odor Eliminating Bags
  • LS Vacuum Bags
  • Cloth Outer Vacuum Bags
  • Paper Vacuum Bags

Contact Us for Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Bags

With a full selection of the Sanitaire vacuum bags you want most, we’ve got affordably priced bag replacements for every model. Service don’t stop there. If you’ve replaced your vacuum bag recently and are still encountering suction issues, bring in your vacuum for a diagnostic. We’ll identify the problem, and repair you vacuum to a like new state. For all your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner bag needs contact us today.

Sanitaire Brush Rolls

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One of the hardest working components in your vacuum cleaner is the brush roller. They typically operate in excess of 4,000 rotations per minute. This provides incredible cleaning power but also results in stress to the roller and assembly. Your vacuum may outlast the brush roll itself. Just because your roller isn’t functioning correctly doesn’t mean it never will. We carry the complete line of Sanitaire brush rolls for the entire Sanitaire vacuum cleaner line.

Get affordable brush rolls and brush roll inspections.

When you come in for a brush roll, we’re happy to inspect your vacuum cleaner. Your current roll may just be clogged. Over time it is easy for hair to wrap around the brush roller and stop it from working. We can replace your Sanitaire brush rolls in store so that you get a perfect installation and will test your vacuum before it leaves the shop.

Contact us for Sanitaire Brush Rolls today.

When you want an affordable local choice for Sanitaire brush rolls, contact us today.