Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Belts

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Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Belts

Belts are a crucial step in maintaining your commercial vacuum cleaner. Because these vacuums often work harder—and longer than home vacuums—belts can wear out faster. Ensuring you’ve got replacement Sanitaire vacuum cleaner belts when you need them is a necessity. That’s why we carry Sanitaire vacuum belts for all belted models. New belts can revitalize your vacuum after your existing belt has stretched an no longer functions properly.

Stretched belts slip, and slipping belts can negatively affect performance. Your brush roll may not rotate as quickly or even at all. Suction will still pick up surface dirt, but won’t deep clean like it should. You can often tell when a belt is going out. Worn belts usually make audible noise like a whoosh or squeaking sound. They may also smell as the belt gets off track, compressed, and friction starts to cause it to heat up.

Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Belts we Carry Include:

  • Round Belts
  • Commercial Upright Belts
  • Waist Belts
  • RD Belts
  • Heavy Duty Round Belts

  • Geared Belts
  • Poly V Belts
  • EXT-U Belts
  • AR Flat Belts
  • Stick Vac Belts

Contact Us for Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Belts

With a complete line of the Sanitaire vacuum cleaner belts you need, we’ll help keep your vacuum moving. We even offer belt replacement services when you need your vacuum working right now. If you’ve replaced your belt and are still having trouble, bring it in for a diagnosis from one of our trained technicians. For all your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner belt needs contact us today.