Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Heavier vacuums can make work difficult, especially for extended sessions. Uprights may not always provide the right tools to reach ceilings or recessed areas. With Sanitaire canister vacuum cleaners you don’t have to sacrifice features or power for ease of use. Our line of Sanitaire canister vacuums provide commercial grade performance in a package that anyone can use. Commercial grade construction makes this vacuum more than capable of handling deep cleaning in the dirtiest buildings.

Sanitaire Canister Vacuum Features Include:

  • Lightweight construction for ease of use without the effort heavier options require.
  • Allergant or HEPA filtration perfect for creating a clean, allergen free environment.
  • Extended cords for continued use and reduced time spent outlet searching.
  • Quiet operation models that make cleaning a possibility even during busy business hours.
  • Attachments and multi-use canisters for carpet, bare, and above floor cleaning.

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When you want the right solution for commercial quality cleaning, we’ve got the Sanitaire canister vacuum cleaner you want. As local Sanitaire canister experts we also provide total vacuum cleaner services. This includes sale of replacement parts as well as vacuum maintenance and repairs. For all your canister vacuuming needs contact us today.