Sanitaire Brush Rolls

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Sanitaire Brush Rolls

One of the hardest working components in your vacuum cleaner is the brush roller. They typically operate in excess of 4,000 rotations per minute. This provides incredible cleaning power but also results in stress to the roller and assembly. Your vacuum may outlast the brush roll itself. Just because your roller isn’t functioning correctly doesn’t mean it never will. We carry the complete line of Sanitaire brush rolls for the entire Sanitaire vacuum cleaner line.

Get affordable brush rolls and brush roll inspections.

When you come in for a brush roll, we’re happy to inspect your vacuum cleaner. Your current roll may just be clogged. Over time it is easy for hair to wrap around the brush roller and stop it from working. We can replace your Sanitaire brush rolls in store so that you get a perfect installation and will test your vacuum before it leaves the shop.

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