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A good vacuum cleaner can be hard to find, and once you get a beloved model that works you want to keep it working. Professional vacuum cleaner repair in Scottsdale by Park Ridge Vacuum provides you with fast, friendly, reliable repair services for the brands you trust. As an investment in the cleanliness of your home, the importance of a properly functioning vacuum can’t be overstated. When it’s working correctly, a good vacuum is a valuable tool for combating dirt, dust, and allergens. It doesn’t just keep your home clean, it helps extend the life of your flooring, upholstery, and improves your air quality. When your vacuum stops working correctly it can cause a major shift in your environment, but it doesn’t have to.

Your Full Service Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop

With more than 36 years of experience providing exceptional vacuum cleaner repair in Scottsdale, residents trust us to get their vacuums working again and keep them that way. With a wide variety of parts on hand, we provide a fast turnaround and frequently provide same day vacuum cleaner repair in Scottsdale. We provide vacuum repair for nearly all major brands of commercial and home models.

Vaccum Cleaner Repair Scottsdale AZ

We specialize in Miele vacuum cleaner repair in Scottsdale. As one of the best vacuums on the market it’s important that these high end cleaning machines receive the best care. As a vacuum cleaner repair shop that specializes in these and many more, every vacuum make and model we work on receives exceptional care. After a thorough diagnosis and inspection, we perform all our repairs using high grade replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Our highly trained technicians provide the best in Scottsdale vacuum cleaner repair, performing a wide variety of services. No matter what problem your vacuum cleaner has, we’ve got the tools, the parts, and the knowledge to provide effective and long lasting vacuum cleaner repair in Scottsdale. Don’t let the dust collect for one more second, Contact Us today.

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Featured Vacuum Cleaner Brands

We proudly carry these fine Vacuum Cleaner brands.


Miele vacuums are our specialty. Providing users with power, elegance, reliability, and convenience right in one packages makes these the German-engineered machines the gold standards for vacuum cleaning.


Electrolux is one of the oldest, most trusted vacuum brands. We sell, repair, and maintain these hard working Swedish-designed machines. When you want a legacy of reliability, you want an Electrolux.


Kirby is known for the their incredible warranties and excellent shampooers. We carry a wide range of Kirby vacuums, so make us your first stop when you need to a heavy duty cleaning solution that lasts.


For a quality American made appliance, nobody builds a vacuum like Eureka. With a variety of models available, Eureka covers all your needs. Their line of multi-surface solutions is highly regarded.


The original creator of the vacuum machine, Hoover has spent more time refining their designs than anyone. For the original in reliability, strength, and power, make Hoover your vacuum of choice.


Creators of the first handheld vacuum, Royal Vacuums maintains a high level of innovation and quality. We sell, repair, and service these quality American made vacuums, so make your home a Royal one today.


When our customers want the highest quality American made vacuum, Simplicity delivers. Focusing on component quality instead of extraneous features makes these easy to use and incredibly reliable.